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Amnesia strain Description – Buy Amnesia Strain online

Buy Amnesia Strain online: Amnesia is a sativa marijuana stress made with the aid of using crossing Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer. This stress produces outcomes that might be uplifting, creative, euphoric and perfect for treating temper issues. Growers ought to assume a nine-10 week flowering duration with mild yields. , Amnesia usually has an excessive THC and occasional CBD profile and produces extreme outcomes that new customers ought to be cautious of.

it is genetics had been traced returned to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace traces, and this Cannabis Cup winner has on the grounds that been popularized withinside the espresso stores of Amsterdam.

About Amnesia strain

Amnesia is the call given to numerous traces, which cumulatively have gained at the least 18 awards. The stress can produce accelerated energy, that is commonly observed with the aid of using a mild frame tingling. Paranoia and dizziness might also additionally accompany the same old dry eyes and mouth as aspect outcomes. Buy Amnesia Strain online

Amnesia Haze Genetics

Amnesia Haze’s lineage may be traced returned to Jamaican, Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian landrace traces. Amsterdam-primarily based totally Soma Seeds blended some of those effective and resilient landrace traces to provide an excessive-yielding plant with lots of aroma and flavor. Buy Amnesia Strain online

According to Soma Seeds, the Amnesia Haze hashish stress is a complicated pass among Thai sticks, Cambodian and Laotian genetics, Jamaican Haze, and Afghani-Hawaiian genetics.


To mood the bitter aroma, it functions pointers of spice, pine, and cedarwood.

Buy Amnesia Strain online, Amnesia Haze’s maximum not unusual place terpenes consist of the following:

Myrcene is a not unusual place terpene amongst Haze traces, or any marijuana traces, for that matter. Myrcene has a highly spiced, musky, and earthy heady fragrance which you can’t miss.

Caryophyllene is some other over-represented terpene in Haze types along with Liberty Haze. , Caryophyllene has a natural and highly spiced heady fragrance and boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-tension outcomes. Buy Amnesia Strain online

Limonene is answerable for Amnesia Haze’s specific and sharp citrus aroma. Also not unusual place in Liberty Haze, limonene is idea to offer strain relief.

Humulene, observed in hops and wood, is likewise not unusual place in Liberty Haze and Cannalope Haze traces. Humulene has a natural aroma and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Amnesia Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, one criterion wherein Amnesia Haze falls brief is its comfort to develop. , this hashish stress isn’t the very best to cultivate, as its manufacturing is reserved basically to skilled cultivators.

Buy Amnesia Strain online
Buy Amnesia Strain online

The Amnesia Haze crop is a piece of a paradox, because it prefers a balmy, sunny and Mediterranean fashion climate (that is hard to recreate indoors). But on the equal time, it could be pretty touchy to pests – making it less complicated to develop indoors. Buy Amnesia Strain online

Growing Amnesia Haze weed is truely now no longer what we might call “low maintenance” – the crop takes round nine weeks to flower, with outside harvest falling round overdue October.

Indoor yields common round 21 oz. of bud in keeping with meter squared, whilst outside yields common a touch large at 25 oz. in keeping with plant. , All in all, Amnesia Haze is a challenge, however in case you are inquisitive about taking over the sort of project.

Medical Benefits – Buy Amnesia Strain online

Although Amnesia Haze is used by a number of scientific hashish sufferers, likely its maximum not unusual place use is with the aid of using sufferers which have temper issues. Mood issues may be particularly debilitating, making it tough to characteristic in each day life, however Amnesia Haze is right here to assist, and that’s precisely what it does.


Amnesia is enormously candy smelling, with a stinky presence of sturdy and citrus scents. , This normally sativa dominant combo consists of a sturdy earthy aroma that carries shocks of bitter lemon, and a lingering whiff of diesel that hangs withinside the air. Buy Amnesia Strain online


This stunning combo has a smoke this is uniquely enjoyable. Amnesia boasts of a full-flavored smoke upon the inhale, tasting like clean pine and candy earthiness. , This stress carries pointers of citrus and is wildly stinky, leaving a sturdy, sticky-candy flavor for your mouth even after the exhale. Buy Amnesia Strain online

Features of The Amnesia strain

The Amnesia weed and its plant have functions which might be without problems recognizable and make this plant extra specific than it already is. Combine the magnificent heady fragrance and flavor, and you’ll recognize why Amnesia marijuana is so famous amongst users. Let’s see what the ones functions are.

THC Content (Buy Amnesia Strain online)

Almost all the different Amnesia plant life are descendants of this primary one. Some Amnesia traces develop to a hundred and eighty cm in height. Many of the traces are encouraged for developing indoors, however a few had been effectively grown out of doors as properly. , Amnesia traces have recorded THC counts of as much as 20%.


Providing a properly balanced skilled among frame and mind, Amnesia Haze lends itself properly to each mentally and bodily orientated activities. Recommended as a sunlight hours stress because of how energizing it could be, this stress is amazing to ingest earlier than a morning jog, or to assist get your to-do listing started.  Users document a sprucing in their senses and a substantive extrade in recognition level, that may set off a dream-like kingdom of being. Although its outcomes might also additionally commonly replicate the ones of a conventional sativa, Amnesia Haze has sufficient of an indica content material to offer rest and calm introspection. Buy Amnesia Strain online

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