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Buy Queen Mother strain: Queen Mother Goji is an indica-dominant hybrid created through crossing Nepali OG and Snow Lotus, descendants of conventional landrace traces from Nepal and India. The odor is paying homage to berries, black cherries, strawberries, and Hawaiian punch at the same time as its taste is fruity with notes of spice. You can assume sedative consequences with the intention to go away you melting into the sofa as your eyes develop heavy. Reina Madre, that is Spanish for “Queen Mother,” became initially bred through Spain’s Delicatessen Seed Bank, which crossed La Reunion with an unknown sativa and Congo #1 to create this sativa-leaning stress.  Known to provide copious quantities of resin, Queen Mother is stated to hold an aroma and taste regularly in comparison to sour herbs and spices.

About Queen Mother

The tremendous secretive Bodhi Seeds is at it once more with an indica-dominant stress that’s certain to knock your socks off. A go among Snow Lotus, Queen Mother, and Nepali OG, Queen Mother Goji is taking the hashish global through storm. Be organized for a tremendous extreme excessive in conjunction with tasty flavors and a fixed of consequences with the intention to preserve you coming returned for more. Buy Queen Mother strain

Only skilled people who smoke need to even study Queen Mother Goji as this stress has a tendency to pinnacle out proper round 30% THC. Nugs normally tackle a purple tone with a totally rounded form and an intensely thick coating of milky trichomes. If you experience candy traces you’ll love what this bud has to offer, as a combination of berries, punch, and a touch of spice will mingle in your tongue.

What is Queen Mother strain?

Queen Mother Goji is an indica-dominant hybrid this is made from the crossing of Snow Lotus and Nepali OG. Bodhi Seeds gives this robust ache controlling stress able to treating continual ache. Wonderful candy berry and liquorice flavours emit from this stress with the reddish spherical buds. Strong frame highs and satisfied innovative moods are regularly displayed from the usage of this drug great appropriate for night time use. Flowering time for this stress is fifty six to sixty three days. Buy Queen Mother strain

Features of Queen Mother Seeds

Type: Indoor and out of doors

Sex: Males and Females

Genetics: Mostly Sativa

Flowering: 50-60

Harvest: 16-30 Sep

Grow information – Buy Queen Mother strain

Suitable for indoor and out of doors developing conditions, Queen Mother vegetation yield medium-to-excessive quantities trichome-encrusted buds in a 55-to-sixty five flowering cycle, or on the quit of September is grown outside withinside the Northern Hemisphere.

Breeders Info

Queen Mother (aka Reina Madre) is a ordinarily sativa range from Delicatessen and may be cultivated indoors (wherein the vegetation will want a flowering time of ±60 days) and outside.  Delicatessens Queen Mother is a THC dominant range and is/became additionally to be had as feminized seeds. Buy Queen Mother strain

Queen Mother marijuana stress is a natural Sativa marijuana. The herb became bred through Mario Bellandi, an Italian geneticist with the lab in Southern Spain. This royal splendor has excessive resin manufacturing and extreme taste. Queen Mother offers an final power and pastime boost, best for social interactions. Beginner people who smoke need to take into account of the dose to keep away from overwhelming tension and paranoia. Queen Mother marijuana is right for morning and day time medicinal and leisure use.

Type of High

Buy Queen Mother strain, Queen Mother marijuana stress induces quite psychoactive state, laced with elevated cerebral and bodily pastime, and creativity boost. Prompts giggles and chattiness, relieves stress. May motive paranoia and agitation in better doses

Genetics – Buy Queen Mother strain

The genetic beginning of Queen Mother hashish stress is unknown.

THC Content

As if her tremendous robust efficiency wasn’t an indication, this stress will mess you up withinside the great manner possible. Simply take a toke or at maximum and put together to be blown away with an extreme sensation of euphoria and creativity. Depending in your power level, you can discover which you need to speak it up with all and sundry round you, and first of all those consequences won’t sense sedating withinside the slightest. Let Queen Mother Goji paintings her magic though, and earlier than lengthy you won’t need to transport a muscle and may discover yourself speedy asleep withinside the maximum awkward of places. Buy Queen Mother strain

Buy Queen Mother strain
Buy Queen Mother strain

Buy Queen Mother strain, It is going without pronouncing that this bud is right for folks who conflict with insomnia, as only a little bit will equate to lighting fixtures out in little to no time at all.  However, at the same time as you’re awake, experience her capacity to assuage diverse varieties of physical ache and to cope with intellectual issues like tension and despair with ease.  Some discover that this stress additionally encourages plenty of eating, making it a great preference in case you regularly enjoy a lack of appetite.

So a long way so excellent on the subject of this effective stress, however regrettably not anything in lifestyles is best. As a good deal as we might all like to experience Queen Mother Goji to our heart’s content, seeds of this stress are regrettably nowhere to be found. Buy Queen Mother strain, It’s rumored that those vegetation are incredibly easy-going and mature in eight to nine weeks, however that’s assuming you could domesticate them to start with. Buy Queen Mother strain


Try preserving your eyes out for Queen Mother Goji the subsequent time you go to your nearby dispensary. She won’t be there very regularly, however whilst she is, grab her up quick so you can experience all that she has to offer. From tremendous robust consequences to extraordinary flavors, she’ll come to be the great a part of your night time. Buy Queen Mother strain

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