Heavy Hitter Strain


Type of High

Induces intense body high and relaxation, uplifts mood, increases creativity, provides a strong analgesic effect, stimulates appetite, laziness, and couch lock.

Average THC / CBD Level
21.00/24.00% THC

3.82/2.00% CBD

0.55/3.66% CBN

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Buy Heavy Hitter Strain Australia

Heavy Hitter OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain and it has a 55:45 Indica/Sativa ratio. It has a THC content that falls anywhere between 21 and 24% and its CBD levels exceed 2%. The buds are quite beautiful, to say the least. They are lime green in color and are incredibly frosty at the same time. At Lots Buds, you can now Buy Heavy Hitter Marijuana Strain, Buy Heavy Hitter Cannabis Strain, Heavy Hitter For Sale Australia, Mail Order Heavy Hitter

Buy Heavy Hitter Marijuana Australia

The nuggets are rich in crystals and have good trichome coverage as well. The strain is a favorite amongst experienced and new cannabis users primarily because of its taste and aroma. Heavy Hitter OG delivers a perfect blend of lemon and pinesol flavors with citrus undertones. The high will hit you like a thunderbolt. But then again, it does not have any side effects.

Mail Order Heavy Hitter Australia

As mentioned earlier, individuals new to smoking cannabis can medicate with the strain as long as they are careful with the amount of the strain they actually consume. The high offers calming and relaxing effects and will not put you to sleep. You will be able to get things done but you may feel confused. On the other hand, the strain is more popularly used for treating patients with pains and migraines. Buy Heavy Hitter Cannabis, Heavy Hitter For Sale


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