Amnesia Strain


Type of High

Amnesia Kush cannabis strain’s high is a top-notch and strong one. Due to high THC, novices should beware due to the long-lasting, mind-bending, and sometimes overwhelming Sativa effects, though it does end in a very tranquil manner.

Average THC / CBD Level
18.00/20.00% THC

—/—% CBD

—/—% CBN

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Buy Amnesia Kush Online, Buy Amnesia Cannabis Online, Amnesia Kush For Sale, Buy Amnesia Marijuana Strain, Buy Amnesia Weed Strain. Amnesia is the name given to several strains, which cumulatively have won at least 18 awards. Amnesia has been officially recorded as the cross between Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze. Amnesia Kush For Sale Near Me, Buy Amnesia Cannabis Strain, Buy Amnesia Marijuana Strain, Buy Amnesia Weed Strain Online.

Amnesia Kush For Sale Online Australia

Usage of Amnesia strains is often characterized by a loss of short-term memory, which is replaced by what is remembered as happy times. The strain can produce increased energy, which is generally followed by a light body tingling. Paranoia and dizziness may accompany the usual dry eyes and mouth as side effects. Buy Amnesia Cannabis Online.

Buy Amnesia Cannabis Strain Online Australia

Firstly, The Amnesia strains are usually recommended for people dealing with emotional, anxiety, and stress disorders as the Sativa-style high are good for mood lifting and stress relief. Amnesia is recommended for use during downtimes. This strain is also beneficial for individuals suffering from stress-related insomnia. Amnesia Kush cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid by Dinafem with a THC average of 20%. It tastes like citrus and holds a magical potency along with a Sativa growth pattern. It tastes intensely of lemon due to the large amount of the terpene limonene that they produce. Ideal for daytime usage. Buy Amnesia Weed Strain, Amnesia Kush For Sale.

Buy Amnesia Marijuana Strain Online Australia

For many years, Amnesia was ‘clone only’ and offered by Hy-Pro. Therefore, Almost all of the other Amnesia plants are descendants of this first one. Most Amnesia strains are Sativa dominant and require approximately 80 days to flower. Some Amnesia strains grow to 180 cm in height. Many of the strains are recommended for growing indoors, but some have been successfully grown outside as well. Moreover, Amnesia strains have recorded THC counts of up to 20%.Amnesia Kush For Sale


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