God Bud


Type of High

God Bud marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral high followed by deep relaxing body buzz. Relieves stress and depression, has good analgesic properties, promotes laziness and sleep. Stimulates creativity, prompts laughter and socialization.

Average THC / CBD Level

27.27/33.33% THC

0.28/2.47% CBD

0.10/0.51% CBN

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Buy God Bud Strain Online, Buy God Bud Kush, Buy God Bud Weed, Buy God Bud Marijuana, Order God Bud Cannabis,  The God Bud strain (not to be confused with God’s Gift) is a very euphoric and relaxing, Indica-dominant strain. Its lineage consists of both Sativa and Indica parents, but the effects of God Bud are almost entirely from its Indica side. God Bud was originally created by Jordan of the Islands, a famous Canadian seed bank. They mixed an almost pure Sativa strain called Hawaiian with a very strong purple Indica strain to create the ‘God Bud. Buy God Bud Marijuana, Order God Bud Cannabis, God Bud For sale, Mail Order God Bud Marijuana Strain Online, Buy God Bud Weed Online Australia

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God Bud has won a few awards in its day – most notably the High Times Indica Cup in 2004 – and has been a dispensary favorite in Vancouver, BC. You can now find the strain up and down the West Coast as well as Colorado. When grown properly the strain comes out quite fluffy and completely covered in trichomes. In fact, the massive amounts of trichomes this strain produces may even make the buds appear white from a distance. Its taste is earthy with a hint of citrus and tropical fruit from its Hawaiin lineage giving it a sweet aftertaste. Order God Bud Cannabis, Buy God Bud Marijuana.

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Because God Bud’s effects lean so much on the Indica side the strain should mostly be relegated to nighttime or evening use. Along with euphoria and relaxation, the strain can impart sleepiness and drowsiness, especially when consumed in larger doses or by novice users. The strain is great for insomnia as well as depression and has even proven to be an effective appetite stimulant. order medical weed online. Buy God Bud Kush, God Bud For sale


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