AK-47 Strain


Type of High

AK-47 marijuana induces euphoric and uplifting cerebral high along with pleasantly relaxing body buzz. Boosts energy, promotes laughter and social interactions. I larger quantities may cause paranoia. Relieves stress and depression.

Average THC / CBD Level
18.00/29.25% THC

0.83/2.00% CBD

—/2.00% CBN



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Buy AK-47 Online, AK 47 Cannabis Strain, Order AK 47 Strain, Buy AK 47 Marijuana, Buy AK 47 Kush.AK-47 is a Sativa-dominate hybrid with bright white coloring. Despite its violent name, the strain imparts a very mellow feeling and can even leave one stuck in a state of “couch-lock”. It also leads to increased creativity. For the most part, however, AK-47 will leave you feeling uplifted, peaceful, and euphoric. Many people enjoy using it while listening to music. Outside of dry mouth and eyes, the strain can also cause users to feel paranoid and sometimes dizzy. Some users also experience minor headaches. Buy AK-47 Online, Mail Order AK-47 Marijuana Strain Australia, AK-47 Cannabis Strains For Sale Australia

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Many users take advantage of the strain’s relaxing effect to relieve stress and anxiety. Others use it to take the edge off their chronic pains and aches. Insomniacs take 1-3 hits approximately an hour before bedtime to induce relaxation. They report an increase in the number of restful nights following this routine. Mail-order weed in the USA.Buy AK 47 Kush

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Those suffering from bipolar disorder, depression, and other mood disorders use this strain to help relax and regulate their mood. The strain is also used to increase appetite as well as ease nausea and vomiting.AK-47 is a strain with a strong lineage that may have begun in the post-war 1970s as the Thai and Afghanistan cross. However, AK-47 itself did not come into existence until 1992. The strain underwent a rework in 1999 so that plants could produce uniform seeds. Buy AK-47 Online, Buy AK 47 Marijuana, Order AK 47 Strain, AK 47 Cannabis Strain, AK-47 Strain For Sale Near Me


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