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Try the all-new Sour Apple Kush Syrup by Whiz Edibles and get ready for the high of your life. This dank beverage is infused with real grape flavor extract and contains a total of 1000mg THC! Mix some into your favorite soda or enjoy a spoonful solo. Careful not to overdo it! The sweet grape flavor will leave your tastebuds wanting more, but this potent drink will have you locked on the couch in a total euphoric buzz for hours.

Warning: This is a potent drink, and recommended to mix with juice or soda in serving amount. Wait 30-60 minutes to feel full effects.


Product Overview – Sour Apple Kush Syrup

Are you searching out innovative approaches to eating hashish? You can now make your breakfast greater exciting with hashish syrup; and it isn’t simply made to your pancakes, either. Cannabis syrups are available in more than one flavor and they’re made to combo pretty well with several liquids which include sodas, juices, teas, and coffees, or for your favorite foods.  They even make a hashish BBQ sauce. Cannabis syrups are drastically greater focused than different varieties of hashish, so it’s far vital to maintain that during thoughts the primary time you attempt any.

Try the all-new Sour Apple Kush Syrup via way of means of Whiz Edibles and get prepared for the excess of your life. This dank beverage is infused with actual grape taste extract and incorporates a complete 1000mg THC! Mix a few into your favorite soda or experience a spoonful solo. Careful now no longer to overdo it! The candy grape taste will go away from your tastebuds trying greater, however, this amazing drink will have you looking on the sofa in a complete euphoric buzz for hours.

Warning: This is an amazing drink, and advocated to combine with juice or soda in a serving amount. Wait 30-60 minutes to sense the complete effects.

Sour Apple Kush Syrup, This awesome Cannabis syrup is available in over nine distinctive flavors and may be very sturdy with about a thousand mg solvent unfastened hash in line with every four oz. bottle!!!!!!  Flavors Include- Grape, Cherry, sour apple, Pineapple, Watermelon, Blue Raz, Fruit Punch, Orange, pink lemonade, and greater coming!

How to Make Cannabis Syrups?

If you need a few undeniable hashish syrups, you may make a batch of your hashish easy syrup that may be delivered to everything. It may be delivered to beverages or meals in case you need to feature a candy touch. All it takes is two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin, three cups of water, three cups of granulated sugar, and a couple of grams of sturdy, chopped-up hashish. Vegetable glycerin is generally offered in fitness meal stores. You simply boil the water and sugar together, then stir inside the hashish till it dissolves and covers. After 20 mins, flip down the warmth and stir inside the vegetable glycerin. Stir periodically for every other five minutes after which stress the marijuana from the liquid and allow it to cool down. Voila, you presently have approximately three cups of scrumptious hashish easy syrup to sweeten something your coronary heart fancies.


THC syrup dosage varies vastly from man or woman to man or woman. It’s vital to be cautious and recall your tolerance as opposed to the energy of any product containing THC.

The trouble with THC-infused syrups created at domestic is that it’s regularly hard to recognize their extract potency. If you’re involved approximately this or sincerely don’t need the (minimal) problem of getting ready your personal, appearance underneath to discover our pinnacle choices from the marketplace today. Sour Apple Kush Syrup

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