Sour Diesel Strain


Type of High

Sour Diesel marijuana strain induces uplifting, energizing, cerebral high. Boosts creativity, prompts giggles, relieves stress and depression. Might cause light-headed sensation and inability to concentrate on the task at hand. Controls pain and nausea.

Average THC / CBD Level
18.12/23.70% THC

0.32/1.32% CBD

0.55/1.48% CBN

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Sour Diesel Strain will give you a terrific blast, a smash-in-the-face of Chemdawg, and a Sativa we haven’t identified yet. We don’t even know who bred it originally – most people call him/her “A.J.” or “Asshole Joe.” It not only comes packed with 26% THC on the high end but also retains 2% CBD and 4% CBN during extraction. Mail Order Sour Diesel Strain, Sour Diesel For Sale Online, Buy Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain, Buy Sour Diesel Kush Strain,Buy Sour Diesel  Marijuana.

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which is pretty unheard of. These added chemical compounds don’t alter the base effects of Sour Diesel, but they provide varied intensity that you can’t really calculate (or control). For a feeling of ultimate happy heaviness, Sour Diesel (also called “Sour Deez” and “Sour D” for short) brings a nearly pure 90% Sativa to bear on your restless mind. You won’t stand a chance. Buy Sour Diesel Weed

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Sour Diesel’s lineage contains a little mystery. Researchers suspect that it was created accidentally from strains in the Chemdawg and OG Kush line. Particularly, Chemdawg 91 is suspected as a likely parent, along with possible candidates like DNL and Massachusetts Super Skunk. Either way, the plant grows lanky, throwing up a ton of foxtails around its dense, light green nugs, and releasing pungent odors into your indoor garden, like little skunk-citrus flower bombs.

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Speaking of aromas, Sour Diesel continues to earn its name as you smoke it. A pungent cloud of skunky haze (like Diesel Gas but after eating an entire fruit orchard), explodes from this bud in a dense, lemony fog. The odor is sour, pungent, and strong. The taste is earthy, herbal, gassy, and with an unmistakable aftereffect of lemon on your tongue. buy recreational weed online, Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana, Buy Sour Diesel Cannabis


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