Pure Kush


Type of High

Pure Kush marijuana induces uplifting cerebral euphoria, deep body relaxation, instant, and intense pain relief. Calms the mind, helps with insomnia and stress. May cause pressure sensation in the head, followed by an increase in appetite and sedation.

Average THC / CBD Level
18.00/21.50% THC

0.30/0.65% CBD

0.10/0.25% CBN

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Pure Kush marijuana is a pure Indica cannabis strain. This kush is very potent due to its high, up to 22% THC content. This herb is not recommended for beginners, experienced users should be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming sedation. Pure Kush marijuana sports a very sweet, nutty, and a bit earthy aroma, a true delight for the senses. Good for the evening and nighttime medicinal and recreational use due to sedative properties. Buy Pure Kush Marijuana, Buy Pure Kush Cannabis Strain, Pure Kush For Sale Online, Buy Pure Kush Strain, Mail Order Pure Kush Online Australia.

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Pure Kush is a OG Kush phenotype that medical marijuana patients should know about. Medically used for pain therapy, this Indica provides instant and full-bodied pain relief. Great for cancer patients and people looking for powerful (natural) medication.

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The smoke of Pure Kush is light, clear, and smooth, but it was the distinct OG kush taste on the exhale that got us excited. It’s hard to describe the taste of kush, you just have to try it once and will never forget. The aroma of Pure Kush is very sweet, nutty, and a little earthy. The container releases a stench in the air that spreads throughout the room the second it is opened.Buy Pure Kush Cannabis Australia


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