LSD Strain


Type of High

LSD marijuana strain induces psychoactive cerebral high, characterized by enhanced visual effects, a creativity boost, and uplifted mood. Followed by deep body relaxation and sedation. Higher doses can trigger anxiety, paranoia, restlessness.

Average THC / CBD Level

22.00/25.25% THC

1.05/1.30% CBD

0.01/0.01% CBN


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Buy LSD Kush Online at lotbuds, Order LSD strain online, Buy LSD marijuana strain, Buy LSD weed strain, Buy LSD cannabis strain.  L.S.D. is an Indica-dominant strain, named after a potent psychedelic drug because of the strain’s extremely psychedelic and cerebral high. The strain starts with an upbeat sense of happiness that can cloud the mind and leave some users completely confused and “mentally stuck.” Some users claim to feel more creative or social after using L.S.D. in spite of the strong cerebral stimulation. Buy LSD weed strain. Mail Order LSD Marijuana, Order LSD Marijuana Strain, Buy LSD Kush Strain, Buy LSD Cannabis Strain

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This degree of mental stimulation is quite rare for an Indica. Not surprisingly, L.S.D. also has typical Indica-based body effects. Users often notice the powerful body numbing 1 to 2 hours after ingestion, once most of the cerebral effects wear off. The negative effects may include cotton mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and minor paranoia. For most, this strain can be used any time of day to ease mild to moderate chronic aches and pains. L.S.D. is often prescribed to help deal with stress, anxiety, or depression. Patients also use the strain to treat insomnia, and a few choose it to help combat migraines. Buy LSD cannabis strain.

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L.S.D. is a cross between a Mazar and a very old variety of skunks, Skunk #1, created by Barney’s Farm. While this strain is not recommended for new growers, it is quite easy to cultivate as it is resistant to many diseases and can be grown both outdoors and inside. With a long flowering period of between 65 and 78 days, L.S.D. can produce up to 650 grams per square meter. marijuana dispensary las vegas, Buy LSD marijuana strain



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