Gravity Strain


Type of High

Gravity marijuana strain induces deep body relaxation characterized by the feeling of weightlessness and floating, coupled with trance-like cerebral high. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression, relieves stress, stimulates appetite.

Average THC / CBD Level
16.00/20.00% THC

—/—% CBD

—/—% CBN

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Pulling you down to Earth with a body-heavy high, Gravity is a strain that’s becoming well-known in the medical cannabis community. With an unknown breeder to thank, this strain is composed of Hash Plant and Northern Lights, and depending on the source, can be a balanced hybrid or hit you with a full set of indica effects. New users should proceed very cautiously with Gravity, and although its 1% CBD content is certainly attractive, THC levels of 20% shouldn’t be ignored. Bringing sweet and sour fruit flavors to the table, many describe this strain’s scents and tastes to be earthy and floral as well. Buy Gravity Strain Online, Buy Gravity Marijuana Strain, Buy Gravity Cannabis Strain, Mail Order Gravity Marijuana, Gravity Strain For Sale Online.

Gravity Strain For Sale Online Australia

Nugs of Gravity is pretty dense and boasts an eye-catching array of copper and red hairs. Some note that nugs will literally make your mouth water, making this strain even more enticing. Buckle up before this wild ride, because Gravity will be so strong you’ll feel as if you’re being pulled to the center of the Earth. A pleasing set of body tingles will wash over you shortly after your first hit, and you’ll find yourself becoming very sluggish yet happy, Gravity Strain For Sale,Buy Gravity Cannabis Strain

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Total relaxation is the name of the game here and users often find that lying down makes their overall set of effects much more enjoyable. Munchies will soon ensue, and some even note a feeling of arousal. Either way, Gravity is a nice strain to enjoy with friends who you wouldn’t mind letting sleep on your living room floor. Chronic medical conditions are no match for Gravity’s effects, as bodily aches and pains fly right out the window thanks to its strong CBD levels. Equally as effective on the mind, those who struggle with deep depression or major amounts of stress will find that this strain helps to clear away their negative thoughts and lifts them up into a place of euphoria. Buy Gravity Weed Online, Buy Gravity Marijuana Online, Order Gravity Strain Online


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