Gorilla Breath


Type of High

Gorilla Breath cannabis strain’s high is soothingly sedative – it will infuse your night with bliss and leave you reaching for the fridge yet distracted.

Average THC / CBD Level
19.00/27.00% THC

1.00/—% CBD

—/—% CBN

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Gorilla Breath Strain Humboldt County, California has long been known for being full of stoners, and so it stands to reason that the team at Humboldt Seeds Organization knows a thing or two about cannabis. They’ve decided to take on what many might call the mother of all crosses, and after breeding Original Glue (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) with OG Kush Breath, Gorilla Breath was born. Incredibly powerful and supremely delicious, she’s everything that we thought she would be, and then some. Mail Order Gorilla Breath, Gorilla Breath For Sale Australia, Buy Gorilla Breath Marijuana, Buy Gorilla Breath Cannabis Online.

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Newer users should probably steer clear of anything that has GG#4 in it, and with an average of 27% THC, Gorilla Breath will be far too intense. Large neon green nugs will beckon you to smoke them with super long hairs and a sticky coating of trichomes that practically put you into a trance. Both her flavors and aromas are complex and yet totally delicious, with sweeter notes of vanilla and chocolate punctuated by bold fuel, pine, and a touch of earth Buy Gorilla Breath Kush, Gorilla Breath For Sale, Gorilla Breath Cannabis Strain.

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While some might call Gorilla Breath a dessert strain, others don’t pick up on her sweetness much and instead prefer her bold and savory flavors. Taking a page from her parents, this strain tends to hit users incredibly fast with a high so powerful you’ll wonder what happened. Mental effects often include extreme euphoria that’s coupled with the desire to be social, and this can sometimes transform into arousal depending on the environment you’re in. However, these feelings of joy don’t necessarily come with a surge of energy, and most users report that they are also thrown into the depths of relaxation from the start. buy smart bud online, Buy Gorilla Breath Marijuana



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