Chocolate Mint OG


Type of High

Chocolate Mint OG cannabis strain’s long-lasting high is strongly potent and somewhat cerebral but due to its relaxation properties, it’s appropriate for the end of the day.

Average THC / CBD Level
22.00/26.00% THC

—/—% CBD

—/—% CBN

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Chocolate Mint OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain is the product of meticulous breeding by the Humboldt Seed Organization, a cannabis collective formed by the hundreds of cannabis growers in the infamous Humboldt County, California (an area also referred to as “The Emerald Triangle”). Chocolate Mint OG, one of their four most popular strains, is the product of crossing Grandaddy Purple with Emerald OG.Buy Chocolate Mint OG, Chocolate Mint OG Marijuana Strain, Chocolate Mint OG Cannabis Strain, Chocolate Mint OG Weed Strain Australia.

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Although the strain has seen widespread availability in most recreational and medical markets, there are a number of personal growers who enjoy this incredibly fast-flowering strain for its wonderful aroma and high yields. Chocolate Mint OG is best consumed in the afternoon and evening hours, as its potent effects and average 24% THC concentration are nothing to mess around with. Buy Chocolate Mint Weed

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These bright and fluffy nugs are fully developed in 55-65 days of flowering, and take the form of bright green popcorn. You’ll spot a lot of deep purple undertones in this strain, a holdover from its GDP parent plant. The surface of these flowers is covered in a number of winding orange hairs and a hearty coating of milky white and translucent trichomes which help give the already wonderful flower a lot of bag appeal, The aroma produced by these flowers is a spicy minty aroma mixed with a bit of fresh wood that is reminiscent of the redwood forests this strain was first grown in. The flavor is a wonderful blend of chocolate, coffee, mint, pine, and a bit of spicy herb. get weed online, Buy Chocolate Mint Marijuana, Order Chocolate Mint Marijuana


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