Cannatonic Strain


Type of High

Cannatonic marijuana strain induces mellow body buzz and promotes calming cerebral euphoria. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression, relieves stress, stimulates appetite. Promotes muscular relaxation and sleep, has strong pain control.

Average THC / CBD Level

10.50/16.50% THC

3.50/14.00% CBD

—/0.02% CBN

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Buy Cannatonic Marijuana Strain Australia

Buy Cannatonic Strain,Order Cannatonic Marijuana Strain, Order Cannatonic Weed Strain,Cannatonic Weed Strain Onine,Buy Cannatonic Strain Online.As more studies are done on the effects of CBD, more breeders have begun to breed CBD-rich strains. For many, the idea of a strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD may sound ridiculous, but Resin Seeds strove to achieve this in their strain Cannatonic. Their final product ended up being a 50/50 hybrid strain that barely achieved a THC percentage higher than 6 percent, however, its CBD content tested between 6 and 17 percent. Buy Cannatonic Marijuana Strain, Buy Cannatonic Kush Strain, Buy Cannatonic Cannabis Strain, Buy Cannatonic Weed Strain, Mail Order Cannatonic Strain.

Buy Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Online Australia

A powerfully relaxing strain, Cannatonic is very uplifting and focuses the mind. These effects are slightly overshadowed by the strong warming and numbing sensations that flow over the body. Great for those that need pain relief in the morning or afternoon, the strain may also calm muscle spasms, migraines and headaches. It may calm nausea, anxiety, stress, and mood disorders. By pollinating a female MK Ultra with the well-known male G13 Haze, Resin Seeds created an earthy and citrus-tasting strain. Resistant to many pests, Cannatonic has reportedly had some issues with molds and mildews, meaning it should probably be kept in a controlled environment or carefully watched. marijuana dispensary Allentown pa, Cannatonic Weed Strain Online, Order Cannatonic Marijuana Strain.

Buy Cannatonic Weed Strain Online Australia

Resin Seeds keeps some very in-depth growing information on their website for the strain when grown indoors. They recommend vegetating for a week, using Bio Vega and Bio Rhizotonic. Clones may need an eye kept on them to ensure the development of a strong root system. After the vegetative period comes a nine-week flowering period, during the last of which Resin Seeds advises lowering the hours of light to ten from twelve. Cannatonic plants may yield up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. Outside in October, these plants may be harvested for 250 to 400 grams per plant. marijuana dispensary Akron Ohio, Cannatonic Weed Strain Online, Cannatonic Weed Strain Online, Buy Cannatonic Kush Strain,Mail Order Cannatonic Strain


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