Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Type of High

Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria and feeling of happiness. Boosts energy, prompts giggles and social interactions. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relieves stress, increases mental focus.

Average THC / CBD Level
16.50/21.50% THC

0.55/0.45% CBD

—/—% CBN

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The Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as “ATF,” is a Sativa dominant strain. It is immensely popular for a high which is quite different from anything you may have already encountered before. The strain can be smoked in the morning or in the day due to its uplifting characteristics. The buds look like crystals with spots of orange hairs and could not be whiter than it actually looks. Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain, Alaskan Thunder Fuck Weed Strain, Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana, Alaskan Thunder Fuck Kush

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As for the smell, it is a combination of catpiss and a very strong skunk. But it does have a very diesel scent to it that cannot be ignored. When it comes to smoking the strain, you could not imagine anything better. It has a very strong banana and orange taste, which will leave a spicy aftertaste in your mouth for hours. It is not only the best strains to know about, but it is renowned for giving an immediate high.

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It will make you feel a bit more talkative and creative at times. But the Alaskan Thunder Fuck is far better at treating numerous medical conditions through its cerebral high. It is excellent for pain relief and for those individuals suffering from anorexia. Apart from giving you the munchies, it will do wonders for you if you are suffering from depression or stress. Alaskan Thunder Fuck Weed, Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis


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